Y2KSOLUTION founded in 2014 and we provide managed server hosting solutions and our working areas are Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server, Load Balancer, Backup & Security in the platform like Windows, Linux with the 24X7 Support.

We are happy to differentiate our working style from the others because we never create any confusion about our services like price and plans where so many other providers create a maze.

We understand your real requirement and happy to work on the same.

About Our Server Resources

We are not using any legacy technology, Yes we are only offering the latest high-quality tested resources like:

  1. Server Machines: We are using the latest technology server machines with load balancer and backup server as well.
  2. RAM: We are using the latest generation RAM to balanced data rate and request.
  3. CPU: We are using the latest advance Core/CPU in super server computing speed, performance, compatibility, and reliability to handle multiple processes.
  4. DISC: We have the latest disc architecture NVME-SSD for high-speed data transfer.
  5. Network: We are using multiple dedicated networks for server uptime.

About Our Support Team

We are offering 24X7 support and we never reject any query even on national/international holidays.  We have a dedicated admin-level certified support team on the Email phone call, Skype Group, Whatsapp Group as well as real-time dedicated support members with your Account Manager who can understand your task and all types of issues and delivered 100% uptime solution.

About Training

For your self-knowledge upgrade, we are ready to share our experience by seminar and training with an impressive presentation.

It will create a positive image in mid your employees and also it will increase self-confidence and establish lifetime engagement for them and yes it will create good stuff for your social media platform.

Presentation By:

  1. Blog / Vlogs
  2. Remote Session
  3. Email
  4. Skype / Phone calls

About our Business Connection and Clients

As in the IT industries we are connected with high-quality platforms like Daily Hunt, Times Internet (News Point), Google Products (google News, Google Question Hub), etc. and we are already providing our services in India and out of India as well like Government Projects, and so many Startups as well.

Cheers and Thanks

If you are reading about us then you are not less than the celebrity, because your presence is our achievement.

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