Digital Marketing Strategy by Y2K Solution

Hello friend, In this We are going to tell you about the set of digital marketing standards where you can understand how can we achieve your goal, so for this just review about our digital marketing strategy with high using current standards.

1.) SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) :

First of all we will start with SEO and in this we approach two strategy On Page & Off Page and both are important for you, and in these both strategy have so many other strategy.

i.) On Page SEO :

In this strategy we will improve your website performance as per quality trust in to the search engine for example SSL certificate,
meta title, meta description, keywords and other html ptimizations.

ii.) Off Page SEO :

In this strategy we will improve your website search engine listing and improve search result listing in the top search engine google or other if required. In this we have also two different standards.

a.) Direct Activity Off Page SEO :

In this we will do Blogging/Vlogging, back linking and create good quality content for all like Text / Images / Audio / Video with latest trends and your required target audience.

b.) Indirect Activity Off Page SEO :

This is also similar like direct SEO but just different is that in this we will use negative strategy for example is this we will target popular trends and direct target you website by using third party popular thing ex:

2.) SMO & SEM :

SMO & SEM is the very strongest way because in this we can
directly target our user as per gender, age, region and so many other things and it will totally based on the campaign and there are two type of strategy in this, one is On Set & Off Set and both are good & important for your product.

i.) On Set SMO/SEM :

In this strategy we will target campaign/ads directly on social media like Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other if required.

ii.) Off Set SMO/SEM :

This is also same as last one but in this we only target direct current custom connection like popular and strong such as whatsapp group, Facebook pages, website, you-tubers, Tiktok, Instagram and others (Influencers).

3.) Digital Utility : 

This is also a good platform, where we can target user via marketing utility and others. For example: Bulk Mailing, Bulk SMS, Offer on Miss Calls.

4.) Dig-Phy :

This is Digital and Physical Marketing strategy, In this we directly target some people who can work for us directly or indirectly whomsoever they are, small or big, example:- Public Audience, Schools/Collages Students, model, or any straggler.


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