Y2k Solution launched Video Streaming Solutions for Education Platform Video Course
Y2k Solution launched Video Stream Platform (Beta 1.0), on 1 Mar 2022 with free demo option, Now you can Stream your video with high speed and the without any limitations.
On these days education going to the online and for this mos of education platform established into the Mobile Applications and offering courses via Mobile Application where student can read text based material and also join exams by mobile applications but now days one more challenges for the education center facing video private video course because in this most of student have only 1.5 gb data on the daily basis and recorded video course taking so much internet data and students can’t afford it.
And due to this issue education center have only way to provide video course in the multiple quality like low. medium, high it seems like Youtube , but this is tough to manage by the Youtube side. So Y2k Solution offers Video hosting or you can say Video stream Solution without any user limitations.
And now the education center provides video courses to these students of multiple quality like (144,240, 360, 480, 720,) and more as per your requirement.

Who can Use Video Stream Solution:-

  • Coaching Centers
  • Govt Jobs Coaching Centers
  • Who serves Video courses over Mobile Applications.
  • Schools / Colleges.
  • Who wants to sell video courses online.
  • Who Doesn’t want to pay commission to a third party video platform.

About Y2k Solution Stream:

We are excited to tell you that Y2k Solution Made its own Video Stream Platform (Beta 1.0), Now you can Stream your video with high speed.
A.  Easy To Use
B.  Secure
C.  5 Types Video Quality available.
D.  Search Box available
E.  Own Branding Available.
F.  Unlimited Bandwidth / User.
G. 15 Days Trial
H. Support Included

Use Instructions:

1. Upload video:

A. Select Mp4 Video only.
B. Max Selection 3 Files at a time.
C. Video File Name Should be short meaning full and clean because it displays as title after video done.
D. Never Refresh the Upload Video Page while video upload is in progress.

2. Use Video:

A. If Video showing in progress that means you have  to wait and have to check back after a few minutes.
B. Video Page can show 10 videos at a time.
C. To use stream video just click on the download button, for play just click on play button, and for copy video url just click copy and paste where you want to use video.
Benefits of Video Streaming:

Video streaming offers numerous benefits for both content creators and viewers. Some of the benefits of video streaming include:

  1. Convenience: Video streaming allows viewers to access and watch content on-demand from anywhere with an internet connection, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.
  2. Accessibility: Video streaming provides an accessible platform for creators to showcase their content to a global audience, regardless of geographic location or time zone.
  3. Interactive engagement: Live video streaming allows creators to interact with their audience in real-time, making the content more engaging and interactive.
  4. Cost-effective: Video streaming eliminates the need for expensive equipment and production costs associated with traditional TV broadcasting, making it a cost-effective alternative for content creators.
  5. Analytical insights: Video streaming platforms provide analytical insights into viewer engagement, allowing creators to analyze and optimize their content to better reach their target audience.
  6. Enhanced learning: Video streaming provides an effective platform for e-learning and online education, offering a more engaging and interactive learning experience than traditional textbooks.

Overall, video streaming has revolutionized the way we consume and create content, offering a wealth of benefits for creators and viewers alike.

Upcoming Features for (Beta 1.01)
A. Direct video Upload/migration from Youtube, Vimeo or anywhere.
B. Video Player with multiple controls.
C. Video Chunks Integration for the better performance and experience.
D. Custom Category and Title Creation.
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